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Sunrise Health Resort in Jaipur
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Sunrise have developed a theory and a center which believe that 100% treatment of a person is only possible if their family is healthy & happy. For that reason Sunrise invites the family along with the patient and treats them with leisure, teaches them the Art of Living and increases the will power of the family. 'We teach the patients to increases their power to withstand tension and also create awareness to lead a tension free life. In the evening there is a special entertainment session for the complete family. Sunrise is the one an only family health resort which provides the facility for the stay of complete family along with the patient for speedy recovery.


The Sunrise Resort is situated on the foothills of Aravalli ranges. It is surrounded by mountain ranges on 3 sides with pollution free environment. This Resort is spread across in an area of 17 acres out of which the constructed area covers about 2 lakh foot area whereas the garden consisting of trees of 5000 flowers & Fruits occupies an area of 4 lakh foot, which makes the .environment energizing. The Health Resort is promoted by an experienced Doctors Dr. Vishnu Agarwal, MBBS, MD (Naturopathy & Yoga) & his team, who are specialized in Allopathy.

Sunrise health resort is a pioneer of a new concept of hospitality by synchronising health tourism with a complete sence of glorious fulfillment. At Sunrise where sun smiles on your holidays, where birds chirping give you a natural wake up call, where every evening calls for celebration and where moon open the doors of a new unexplored fairy world.

Driving down 25 Kms from hustle and bustle of city life, Sunrise Health resort is nested amidst the foot hills of Aravali near Sar village (Bilochi). Sunrise Health Resort is an exotic destination with an easy access of 40 Km. & 30 Km from Sanganer airport and city railway station respectively.

Health Facilities at the Resort

SPA and Mediation

Meditation : Different types of meditations like musical meditation, mantra meditation, colour meditation, aroma meditation etc. is given for treatment of disease caused by stress tension .

Spa : Different holistic, ayurvedic, western method and beauty culture is given to make people charming & beautiful. In this method we use Papaya massage, milk bath, rose bath.

Ayurvedic Panchkarma

It is back bone of ayurvedic treatments under snehan, sweaden, nasya, Shirodhara, Pijhi, cheef potli massage shirovasti, kativasti etc.

Special yoga medical treatment is applies in which as per doctor’s instruction patient has to perform yoga and prenayam according to related diseases.

A fully equipped Gym with Twister, Vibrator, Trade Meal, Stepper, Multi Purpose Gym and other equipments is available

Mud Bath
It is our special treatment method in which kali mitti, multani mitti, kapoor, honey, sandal powder, turmeric, majeeth, powder of orange cover, neem patti powder are dipped in water for 12 hours then it is applied on the body. It is used in high BP, irritation and burning sensation in body, fatigue, smell of sweat from body etc

Sauna, Stem, Jacuzzi & Chilled Bath
By this therapy we use to drain the sweat from the body to improve the stamina and working efficiency

Massage Therapy
Massage Therapy: In our health center several ailments are cured by Acupressure massage, powder massage, dry massage, ayurvedic Kerela massage, fruit massage etc. These massages are very useful in diseases like Arthritis, Sodalities and so on

Magneto Therapy
In our health center ailments are also cured by Magneto Treatment therapy in which treatment is done by magnetic oil, magnetic acupressure, etc.

Herbal Therapy
In out Health resort Complicated diseases like Arthritis, Paralysis etc. are treated by ayurvedic medicines

Laughter Therapy
In this therapy treatment is done by making the patient or person under treatment, laugh a lot and aloud. It help the patient to get rid of the stress and proves to be the best medicine in diseases like hypertension, depression etc.

Physio Therapy
All types of physiotherapy equipments specially physiotherapy, Lumber Trackser, ultra sound, diathermy, muscles simulator etc. Are available in our health center to treat the patients suffering from orthopedic diseases.

Hydro Therapy
In this therapy by hip bath, jet line bath, foot bath, full tub bath, local steam etc. patients suffering from high BP, obesity, etc are treated

Aroma Therapy
In this therapy the patient is given different aromas to treat different diseases.

Diet Therapy
In this therapy we prepare oil free and delicious food to make the taste with nutrition according to ailments need of the paitents.

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