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Kolkata Tours, India
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Prime Attraction :
Eden Gardens - Sunderban Wildlife Sanctuary - Diamond Harbour
Kolkata, the largest metropolis in India and the Raj's first capital, is the commercial capital of the east, with major industrial plants, textile mills and corporate houses. Administrative offices, posh hotels, busy bazaars highlight the city.
Kolkata, an ancient city, almost 300 years of age has adopted to the modern trends and techniques of the world but has not shed the leisurely life-style and the calm which it has accumulated since ages.
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It has the country's first metro railway and also retains some of the building which are more than 100 year old. It is a city of enduring charm.
Kolkata has developed from a fishermens' village to become one of the largest cities in the world. Being the capital of the British till 1912, the architecture here is a medley of occidental and oriental styles. Today the city symbolises creativity and vibrance with all the modern amenities available.
It is a city with strong cultural, literary and religious flavours and home to many Indian leaders. Activities in the field of fine-arts, music, dance, theatre and writing make the city a happening place.
Prime Attractions
Eden Gardens
One of the most picturesque Cricket Stadium in the world, the Eden Gardens used to be a lush green area covered by trees and gardens. It is named after Lord Auckland's sister.
The place still holds the charm to attract people, who come here for a stroll and relax. The area also has a tiny Burmese pagoda set in a small lake.
Sunderban Wildlife Sanctuary
Spread over an area of almost 10,000 sq km which is now shared between Bangladesh and India, the Sunderbans are home to many exquisite animals and birds. It is designated as a World Heritage Site, consisting of large flora population and is a part of 'project tiger', has one of the largest tiger population than any of the Indian parks.
Towards the south of Kolkata, river Ganga and Hooghly divide itself into many distibutaries and they form the famous Gangetic deltas. They provide an ideal atmosphere and environment for the Sundari trees to grow. Apart from these trees, inpenetrable Goran trees between 1.8 mt and 3.6 mt high covers almost the entire region.
This land is inhabited by royal Bengal tigers. The wildlife of Sunderbans harbour jungle cats, fishing cats, axis deer, wild boar, rhesus monkeys, mangoose and the largest estuarine crocodiles in the world.
Diamond Harbour
51 km from the city, lies the old port of Kolkata, here Hooghly turns south to merge into the sea. Launches run fron here to Sagar island for the famous Ganga-Sagar fair.


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